Coffee Socks

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We've got the perfect socks ready for you to gift the coffee lover you know or, just style it out yourself!

Life's too short for bad coffee: Pink and Light Blue socks featuring little stitched coffee beans and portafilter illustrations.

Parczew: Mustard Yellow with Navy socks with criss-cross design featuring coffee cups and coffee bean stitched illustrations. 

Trendy Barista: Yellow, Burgundy, Light & Dark Blue diamond patchwork sections featuring stitched illustrations of coffee equipment favs such as; V60s, pouring kettles and little coffee beans.

All come wrapped and branded with our Bailies Coffee Roasters logo. 


80% combed cotton

15% polyamide (thread reinforcement to make socks serve more than once)

5% elastane (to keep the sock on your leg nicely without pressure)

Sizing: Two sizes available - please note no returns issued with coffee socks for hygiene reasons.