Coffee Tasting: A Master Class

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This introductory course is designed to help trainees learn how to objectively evaluate coffee whilst teaching them effective ways in how to develop their palate. 

Coffee is one of the most chemically complex things that we consume, so knowing how to describe what we are tasting and experiencing is a skill in itself that requires training. This one day course is suitable for anyone with taste buds who wants to learn more about the science behind our senses and coffee.

The class runs from 10am to 4pm in our custom built centre of excellence in Belfast.  No previous barista experience is required for this course.

The content covered will include:

  • Mechanisms of sensory perception – what is taste vs aroma vs mouthfeel?  What is sensory bias?
  • What does coffee taste like? – how species/variety/origin/process/roast/brew method/water affect flavour
  • How to perform sensory analysis of coffee – cupping procedure; using SCAA cupping score sheet; using the SCA flavour wheel

If you are buying this as a gift for someone, you will be emailed a link to a voucher which you can download and print off as something to hand over to your favourite coffee lover.

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